Grading Scale

4th Grade: All Subjects


A   100.0-97.5

A-    97.4-94.5

B+   94.4-91.5

B     91.4-88.5

B-    88.4-85.5

C+   85.4-82.5

C     82.4-79.5

C-    79.4-76.5

D+   76.4-73.5

D     73.4-70.5

D-    70.4-67.0

E              <67


1. Daily papers, workbook pages, and homework will receive letter

    grades or

    check-  (unsatisfactory)

    check   (satisfactory)

    check+ (excellent)

2. 4th grade uses letter grades for all subjects on the report cards and

    check- , check, check+ for student evaluation.

3. Report cards go home every six weeks.

4. Report cards are to be signed by a

    parent and returned to school.




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